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Gravely Brewing Co - Beer Pong League Rules

Posted by Brew House on
Gravely Brewing Co - Beer Pong League Rules

Everyone entering Gravely's Beer Pong League should know how to play (duh!) - but, in case you don't, check out the outline below and familiarize yourself with our GBC house rules


  • 2 person teams playing on opposite ends of the table
  • 10 cups (4-3-2-1 triangular formation)
  • 2 standard size/weight ping pong balls
  • Cups pre-filled with water for sanitary reasons
  • 1 water cup will be filled to the side 
  • Players must play with a personal beer (of their choosing) in hand or on table

How to Play:

  1. To start, each team gets 1 ball. Square up with your opponent. Count down from 3. Both players shoot at the same time while looking deep into each others' eyes.

  2. The team that makes the eye to eye shot starts.

  3. Each team takes turns shooting the balls at the cups.

  4. If a cup is made, take a drink of your personal beer and remove the made cup from play right away. 

  5. This continues until there is only one cup left.

  6. Making the last cup sends the other team into final rebuttal mode.

  7. If both teammates make the last cup in the same round, the other team does not get a chance for rebuttal.

  8. During rebuttal, each player on the losing team get gets a chance to shoot to send the game into overtime. Losing players keep shooting until they miss.

  9. If the losing team is not able to make all the remaining cups, they lose, and the game is over.

  10. If the losing team completes rebuttal and makes all the cups, they send the game into overtime. If both of the losing players make the last cup in rebuttle, their team starts with the balls in overtime, otherwise the winning team starts overtime.

  11. Over-time consists of 3 cups in a triangle and follows all the same rules including rebuttal, and can go into as many overtimes as needed until there is a true winning team.

Standard Rules:

  • Elbow Rule: When shooting the ball, the players elbow may never cross over the end of their side of the table.

  • Balls Back: If both teammates make a cup (in the same turn), they get the balls back and can both shoot again. They can continue to do this as long as they both make a cup.

  • Same Cup: If both players are able to make the ball in the same cup before the other team can remove it (or if they forget to), it counts for 3. The other team must pick 2 other cups of their choice to remove from the game. This also counts for balls back.

  • Fingering/Blowing: These tactics are banned from league plan. We realize they take skill and make the game interesting, but they also lead to disputes GBC is unable to monitor without instant replay capabilities.

GBC House Rules:

  • Fire: Once a player makes a cup in two consecutive turns, they must call "heating up." If they make a cup in a third consecutive turn, they call "fire" and get the ball back and can shoot until they miss.

  • Behind the Back: If you shoot and miss, but get the ball before it hits the ground or the other team gets it, you may shoot the ball again, but must shoot it behind your back. This applies to men and women, the rules of drinking know no genders.

  • Island: Each player on each team gets to call island once. An island is any cup that is not touching any other cup. You must call out specifically that you are shooting for the island, and if you make it, it counts as 2 and the other team must pick one other cup of their choice to remove. If you accidentally make a cup other than the island cup after calling island, the shot does not count. Island cup cannot be called when there are only 1 or 2 cups left.

  • Bouncing: If you bounce the ball off the table and make it into a cup, it counts as 2 and the other team can pick any other cup of their choice to remove. Once the ball bounces, the other team is allowed to swat or hit the ball away. Should a defending player swat the ball away but knock over any of their own cups in the process, the spilled cup(s) are considered made and removed from gameplay. If you make a cup by bouncing, while acceptable, you may be subject to deserving ridicule from the other team.

  • Player's Cup: If a ball shot during play lands in any additional/personal drinking cup, that player must chug and finish that drink.


  • During the game, each team is allowed one (1) re-rack. Teams cannot re-rack in the middle of the turn, which includes balls back cups, fire turns, etc.

  • Clean Ups: During gameplay, Beer Pong tables get wet and cups will inadvertently begin to "skate" out of their starting or racked position. A team may ask for a clean up, in which case the opposing team will position the cup that "skated" back to its intended position.
  • Courtesy Racks: When either team has two cups remaining, a one-time "courtesy rack" may be requested where the final two cups are centered, stacked on top of one another. Like any other re-rack, a "courtesy" cannot be performed during a turn or if there is a single cup remaining.