Craft beer. Craft music.

We’re always up to something or other.

  • Dr. Bacon

    Dr. Bacon


    Dr. Bacon is a 7 Piece touring Appalachian Funk, Grass and Rock & Roll band bringing a plethora of danceable music.

  • Louisville Race Club

    Louisville Race Club


    Run with us every 1st and 3rd weekend!

  • Gravely Chili Cook Off

    Gravely Chili Cook Off


    Register for our first ever Chili Cook Off for $10 + get a Gravely Growler of beer to mix up your recipe. Free to attend + taste!

  • Valentine’s Beer Dinner

    Valentine’s Beer Dinner


    Join us for an exclusive and exquisitely delicious beer dinner.

  • Live the Adventure

    Live the Adventure


    A free & fun bodyweight workout for all fitness levels.

Gig or swig?

Yeah, our space is dope. What are you thinking about?
  • Donation Information

    At Gravely, we pride ourselves on having a space that serves so many different members and organizations in the Louisville community. While we want to help everyone seeking donations or non-profit support, right now we're striving to support causes within our guidelines.

    What are our guidelines, you ask? We're a music brewery so we are actively contributing to non-profit efforts focused on the music community and local Louisville arts scene. We're also big proponents of freshness (especially in our beer!) so will contribute or collaborate with non-profits focused on local food or sustainability.

    If you're not in our non-profit wheelhouse, not all is lost! We're actively reviewing all requests as they come in and will try out best to help out where we can.

  • Fresh beer is everything.

    Would the music sound as good without the beer? Maybe, but that’s not a chance we’re willing to take. Check out our current draught offerings and taste (and hear) for yourself.